Monday, 25 July 2011


Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for helping me throughout the whole JPJ test and now I'm officially a legal driver. Thank you, mama for everysinglething. The waiting part, the praying part and mostly for always being there by my side. Thank you, uncle for teaching me how to be a good driver. And most importantly, thank you JPJs for being so nice to me and not forgetting Abg Hisyam :) life is so good now, I feel so blessed. I can't stop thanking Allah. :') thank you, Allah SWT.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Hahahahahahha. No wonder you were so sweet this whole day. Hahahahaha. Just because you're leaving for a vacation, youve to pretend as if you're the best creature ever. Your life is pathetic, man.

Friday, 8 July 2011


Damn la. I need to go to my Biology class. All these jams annoy me to the max -_- it'd be cool if I had my license now. Bummer.


Today's Friday, and tomorrow's Saturday meaning I have driving lesson tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I am really excited despite the fact that it sometimes creeps the hell outta me. Anyways, skipped school yesterday and today and not to mention, I feel great skipping classes cos it is one of my favorite hobbies evah. I'd rather stay at home and study than going to school and get distracted all the time. ew yucks not cool. Just finished the whole chapter of Chemical Bonds and Electrochemistry and I feel extra great and I am now enjoying Closer on channel 413. Feels gooood and ohh, I have so many 'ands' in all my sentences. and I dont know why. I'm trying to figure it out, but blegh. I love skipping school cos it makes me the happiest girl in the universe as I get to wake up late and study the whole day and fool around with my mom and enjoy each and every sec. I dont know why am I typing all these, I guess just to let my anger off. YOU KNOW WHY? cos of that lousy lil man. heh. Okay, ain't gonna waste my time talking about that ungrateful, snobbish, arrogant creature.

Okay, that's it for now <3 Have a blessed Friday, peeps. xoxo

Thursday, 7 July 2011

I have my rights to do anything.

I am a normal human being with feelings. I am a normal human being with anger. I am not an angel nor a perfect woman. I can and I have the right to dislike people, but only with reasons. Nobody can stop me from doing that, except Allah. You people out there have no rights to control me and to ask me to like people who don't even deserve to be loved. You people out there have no rights to control my behavior. I am a normal human being. I can be nice, but only to people who deserve it. Not to ungrateful creatures. NO. Not to that kind of people. I have my own rights to do anything I want, to like and dislike anyone in the universe. Nobody, as in nobody can stop me. Bear that in your mind.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Biar gila tv, jangan gila jantan atau betina ye.


Had a great time with all the loved ones. Anyways, ain't gonna talk about that, instead I feel like talking about the movie 'Aku Masih Dara'. It is a good movie and yes, that movie gives such a big impact on me. And thousands of questions popped out in my brain while watching it. Am I good enough? I don't know. Am I good enough to even be in Heaven? I don't know. Am I good enough for Him to forgive me? I don't know. Thousands, even millions of unanswered questions. However, I am still happy for myself because I managed to change and be a better person than before. I really thank Him for guiding me to the right path, and opened up my heart to be this way right now. And I really thank Him for giving me a chance to live as a whole new person.

On the other hand, my mom. She is the one who stands by my side all the time through ups and downs. She is the one who loves me the most and I'm really sure about that. She cheers me up when I feel like collapsing, she puts a huge smile on my face anytime anywhere, she quarrels with me over something really funny and we always end up laughing, SHE LIGHTS UP MY DAYS.

And I really love her for every single thing either huge or lil tiny ones that she's been doing for me ever since I was born. I know she'll definitely come across this post, ehehe and Mama, I love you! Muahmuah hehehehheheh. ( nanti adik puteri buatkan untuk mama ye? ) hahaha 

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Looking at people laughing, having fun with their loved ones really touches my heart. No, I ain't talking about couple or nything. I'm talking about siblings. It was so good last time that we gathered together, wrestled together, laughed together, shared our Maggi. and now things have really changed and I do miss all those moments. I feel like having an adopted brother or sister, simply because I wanna feel the feeling of having real siblings. To have someone to talk to when you're in deep shit, to have someone you can rely on when someone threatens to punch your face, to have someone you can laugh with when you're feeling so down, to have someone who supports each and every single thing you're doing and most important, to have someone who always prays for you. But unfortunately, I don't have that kind of siblings in my life. May sound pathetic, but only this blog who listens to me consistently. But I believe no matter how hard is my situation, Allah is always with me. He is definitely listening right now cos He listens all the time.


Kau yang suruh orang tu buat jahat, kau yang kutukkutuk dia pula. Kau yang support dia suruh buat tu buat ni, kau yang membebel macam mulut jubor ayam. Kau ingat kau bagus sgt?! Kau dgn dia sama je, 2X5 5X2. So, tapayah cakap lebih pasal org bila diri kau sendiri bergelumang dengan dosa. Don't act as if you're so damn good in front of everyone when the fact is you are just the same piece of shit. You annoy me to the max. You and your so called girlfriend can rot in hell.

Driving is awesome!

Successfully drove all the way in Kepong. Such a big achievement. :') though nobody really cares about it.